What is an F1 Carp

What is an F1 Carp - (How to Catch F1's)

An F1 carp is a genetic cross between a Common carp and a Crucian carp. The name F1 is derived from it being the first generation produced by this cross-breeding.

F1 carp have been around for approximately 30 years. They are perfect for commercial fisheries as they are immune to KHV disease, they grow quickly (but don't get too big) and they tend to feed all year round.

F1 carp are more of a sought-after species for the match fisherman as opposed to a carp specimen hunter.

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What is the difference between F1 carp and other carp?

The main difference between F1 carp and other species of carp is both in appearance and size.

F1 carp, grow quickly but do not reach the size and weight of the Common and Mirror carp variants. This is down to the gene from the Crucian carp, restricting its maximum size.

The other distinctive difference is on the mouth of the fish. F1 carp have very small barbels that are hardly noticeable. Common and Mirror carp on the other hand have very distinctive, longer barbels that are easily seen.

The main way to differentiate an F1 carp from a Crucian carp is, again, mostly two-fold. Firstly size is a differentiator as the common carp gene makes F1 carp slightly larger in average weight than the Crucian carp.

Secondly, when looking closely at the lateral line of both fish, the F1 carp has 35 - 36 scales as opposed to the 32-34 of the Crucian carp.

difference between f1 and other carp

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How big do F1 carp grow?

One of the real advantages to the commercial fishery owner of F1 carp is the fact that they can put on weight very quickly compared to other fish.

F1 carp are known to feed all year round. For fishery owners that want to market the fact that their water can produce bites in the colder months, stocking F1 carp is a real advantage.

On average, F1 carp can grow up to around 6lb in weight. The current British record sits at 7lb 14oz however, an unofficial unclaimed fish is said to have weighed 13lb 8oz according to a report in the Angling Times.

what is the record F1 carp

Picture of an unofficial F1 carp at 3lb 8oz courtesy of Angling Times

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What is the lifespan of an F1 carp?

The average lifespan of an F1 carp is between 10 and 12 years. This is significantly lower than traditional Common & Mirror carp with whom can live up to 50 years.

It is, however, slightly longer than the Crucian carp whose average life expectancy is between 8 and 10 years.

Do F1 Carp Spawn?

Yes F1 Carp do spawn. They spawn anytime between April and August depending on the weather and climate.

If you are interested in the spawning process, we have a whole article that answers the common questions on carp spawning.

What is an F2 Carp?

An F2 carp is an offspring produced from two F1 parents. Just like the term F1, the name F2 is derived from them being the second generation of the original crossbreed.

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How to catch F1 carp?

As we have previously stated, F1 carp are a match fisherman's dream. They feed all year round and grow to a weight of up to 6lb. As such, F1 carp can very quickly lead to a sizeable, total weight catch in a match situation.

F1 carp are also a great species to go after if you are a general coarse fisherman or indeed a beginner to the sport. They fight hard and can be great fun to catch all year round.

To catch them we recommend 2 methods:

Float Fishing For F1 Carp

F1 carp are a stubborn species of fish. By this we mean they tend to congregate and feed at a certain depth in the water column and it can be a chore to move them.

When this happens, it is a case of if you can't beat them join them, and finding this specific depth that the F1s are feeding can reap rewards.

Float fishing with a waggler rod or on the pole will both equally work as well for F1 carp. When the conditions are right, float fishing in the margins is one of our favourite tactics. A warm, overcast day is perfect for this.

The following video takes you through some tactics that can be deployed to locate and catch F1 carp. They are more advanced tactics from an experienced match fisherman but the approach can still provide some good insight to the general coarse angler or beginner...

Another popular tactic to catch F1 carp on is the pellet waggler. To get the best out of this approach, it really helps if you have the right fishing rod and reel that is both up to the task and efficient as well as long-lasting, and durable.

The best rod and reel to catch F1 carp

Now, we have a couple of articles on the best float fishing rods and the best float fishing reels that will detail in depth the considerations on these important pieces of equipment, but for ease, we have picked our top rod and reels to catch F1 carp, below...

Best float fishing rod to catch F1 carp

MAP Parabolix Black Edition 12ft Waggler / Coarse Fishing Rod

 out of stock

Best float fishing reel to catch F1 carp

Preston Innovations Magnitude Reel Range All Models

 in stock

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The best poles to catch F1 carp

Using the pole is a quick and efficient method to catch fish. This is particularly useful in a match situation when speed is of the essence.

As F1 carp feed often and quite hard, as well as their decent average weight, it's easy to see why match fisherman target F1s on the pole.

As poles can be a tad expensive, particularly if you are just starting out in the sport, this tactic can put some people off.

There are, however, some decent poles on the market that are a lot more reasonably priced. A specific margin pole can keep the price down and there are quite a few poles under £500 that are worth considering.

The following are a couple of options that we recommend:

Middy Reactacore XT15-3 13.5 Metre Pole Package

 out of stock

Preston Edge Monster Margin Poles

 in stock

Feeder Fishing For F1 Carp

Another popular way to catch F1 carp amongst anglers today is via feeder fishing. Carp (especially F1 carp) are greedy creatures and can be particularly prone to falling for the method feeder approach.

The method feeder strategically exploits the competitive and greedy nature of an F1 carp and can be a really productive tactic if the conditions are right. The best conditions tend to be warmer days when the fish are active and feeding well. 

Again, we have some articles that detail some of the best feeder fishing rods for your individual circumstances alongside the associated feeder fishing reels if required.

We have detailed some of our highly recommended feeder fishing gear as follows:

Airity X45 Feeder Rod

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Intensity Feeder Reel

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What Bait to Use For F1 Carp

As we have mentioned throughout this article, F1 carp are greedy fish that feed all year round. When targeting F1 carp, make sure you always bring enough bait with you to satisfy this need.

Our favourite bait to catch F1 carp on are pellets and maggots. That said, sometimes doing something different and out of the norm can pay dividends in fishing. You may want to check out our article on the best carp baits for some ideas to mix it up a bit.

For us though, 9 times out of 10, loose-fed pellets and maggots, with a double white maggot on a size 18 Kamasan F1 hook is a great tactic that is proven to work. Just ensure though you are feeding little and often to keep the fish competing for the bait.

Final Thoughts

The title of this article was 'What is an F1 carp'. Hopefully, we have answered this question for you but also added in a bit extra on how to catch F1 carp if this is the species you are targeting.

If you need any fishing tackle, you can always check out our fishing tackle deals page or visit one of our recommended fishing tackle shops.

Thanks for reading and tight lines!

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