Best Fishing Bedchairs For Bad Backs

The 5 Best Fishing Bedchairs For Bad Backs - (Lumbar Support Bedchairs Reviewed)

As any experienced angler will know, sitting down all day can lead to backache which often lasts longer than your days fishing. This problem can also be magnified if you already suffer with a bad back.

By itself, fishing doesn’t cause back problems, however, it is all the factors associated with fishing that can lead to a bad back, such as uneven surfaces, carrying heavy gear and tackle, sitting on unsupportive fishing chairs etc etc.

As overnight fishing is an extremely enjoyable past time that is becoming more and more popular, it is important that your bedchair doesn’t increase your chances of back pain.

Best Fishing Bedchairs For Bad Backs

This article will advise on our top 5 best fishing bedchairs for a bad back:

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As carp anglers know all too well, fishing isn’t the kind of sport that lasts for one hour. As it is an all-day commitment, with many anglers fishing into and throughout the night, it is important your bedchair is comfortable enough to sit and sleep on.

Bedchairs have evolved from old garden chairs to sophisticated sleeping systems that are waterproof, durable and lightweight, and make your time on the bank more enjoyable.

Whether you’re fishing for a couple of hours or you’re bivvied up for the night, it is important your bedchair suits your style of fishing and doesn’t contribute to the aches and pains associated with sitting down all day.

Things to consider when purchasing a bedchair with a bad back.

If you suffer from a bad back, when purchasing a bed chair, the three things you should consider are:

Weight - The weight of a bed chair often separates the high and low-quality contenders. Heavy bed chairs are often made from steel and are usually cheaper than their lighter and more expensive aluminium counterparts.

Aluminium frames are extremely strong and durable but are also very lightweight which makes it easier to transport to and from the bank.

Fishing lakes and pegs differ in levels of accessibility. Some lakes allow you to drive up to your peg and unload your gear whereas some lakes have car parks that are quite a distance away and require a long walk to the peg.

Due to this, it is important that your bedchair suits your style of fishing and is light enough to carry to your peg reducing the amount of strain on your back. 

Legs - The legs of a bedchair are one of the most important things to look for as it plays a key role in its stability. If you suffer from a bad back, any potential purchases should have adjustable legs to allow you to sit comfortably on uneven ground for a prolonged amount of time.

The majority of bedchairs usually have 6 or 8 legs. Bedchairs with 6 legs tend to be lighter and more compact whereas bedchairs with 8 legs can offer more support and stability and are perfect for the larger angler.

An important consideration when choosing the number of legs on a bedchair and indeed the overall size of it, is the obvious fact of whether it will fit under your current brolly system or carp bivvy if you are using one!

Mattress - A common issue amongst lower quality bedchairs is its sag. Overtime a bedchair’s mattress can lose its firmness which can hamper the lumbar support.

If you suffer from a bad back it is essential that your spine is properly supported at all times.

To overcome this, many bedchairs on the market offer one-piece lumbar support for the middle and upper section of the bedchair; this provides a much firmer and more robust mattress and helps to prevent sagging.

Pillow or quilt - Some bedchairs come with an in-built pillow. This may not be the greatest deciding factor when searching for a bedchair; however, bedchairs with an in-built pillow are useful because it means that you have one less item to carry.

If you suffer from back problems, an in-built pillow is a great way to lighten your load. Similarly, some bedchairs also come with a sleeping bag attached; this also will help to lighten your load when hauling your gear from your car to the bank.

If the bed doesn't come with a sleeping bag attached then obviously a consideration is for your desired sleeping bag to fit comfortably onto your bedchair.

Fishing accessories for a bad back

Since we are on the subject of bad backs, we just wanted to mention a couple of other products (not bedchairs) that have been tried and tested as being useful for those suffering with a bad back:

Match Station Folding Padded Back Rest

If you’re an angler that prefers to use a seat box instead of a bedchair, you’ll know all too well the backache it can cause, especially if you’re fishing on an uneven surface.

This back rest is perfect for anglers who enjoy the compact nature of seat box fishing but also want the same level of comfort that a fishing chair offers. 

Whether you’re match fishing or carp fishing, the padded backrest offers great lumbar support and can be fitted to most seat boxes.

Fox Hunter Folding Fishing Barrow

Choosing a suitable Carp Barrow is important to ensure any back strain is limited or ideally eradicated when moving to your chosen swim.

This fishing barrow from Fox Hunter is inexpensive, but it has a lot of great features that will really make life easier if you suffer with a bad back.

This barrow boasts pneumatic tyres that will go just about anywhere and with its long handles and swivel wheels, this barrow is a great choice.

The 5 Best Fishing Bedchairs For Bad Backs


Trakker Levelite Oval Wide Bedchair

best fishing bedchair for bad backs

The Trakker Levelite Oval Wide Bed is our number one choice for a number of reasons. Firstly the unique shape of the Levelite Oval Bed System allows it to be pushed further into the back of the majority of shelters. This then gives you more usable, covered space inside allowing for a less cluttered environment.

The most important feature of the bed for those with a bad back, is the ability to adjust the firmness of the mattress to an individual requirement via the fully adjustable lumbar support section this bed provides.

The bed also comes with a dedicated 3-season sleeping bag which fits perfectly to the contours of the frame. This also features head and foot hoods combined with Velcro side attachments for a perfect fit with zero movement.

The season rating of the system can be increased to 5-season with the addition of the dedicated Aquatexx Oval Bed Cover. All in, the Levelite Oval is the perfect bedchair for a bad back. and fully worthy of our number one choice.


Trakker Levelite Lumbar Bed

lumbar support bed chairs

This spacious 3-legged bed, comes with the key feature of the mattress being strung with precision in order to guarantee full lumbar support.

Trakker have used supreme fabrics and fillings on their mattresses that helps to regulate body temperature resulting in a deeply relaxing night sleep. 

A good bedchair has to balance strength and weight and this bed ticks both boxes. The use of the finest alloys provide an unbeatable combination of lightness and durable strength.


NGT Specimen Reclining Bedchair

The NGT Specimen bedchair is perfect for anglers who suffer from a bad back. With large mud feet, adjustable legs, and a quick-locking reclining system, the NGT bedchair exudes comfort and offers great stability on the bank.

The compact, stripped back, and lightweight bedchair is designed to be the most comfortable chair in the range.

The firm mattress gives pressure relief, comfort and support exactly where your body needs it, alleviating any back pain for prolonged fishing sessions.

Weighing just 8.3 kg, the impressively light bedchair ensures that no additional strain is placed on your back when carrying your gear to the swim.


Sonik SK-TEK Level bed

The Sonik SK - TEK Level bed is a highly rated bedchair for people with back problems. Its aluminium frame provides incredible strength yet it is among the lightest bedchairs on the market, weighing just 7kg and offering the perfect balance of comfort and practicality.

The look and feel of the Sonik SK is second to none. The bedchair adorns a soft, breathable fabric making it the perfect chair for carp anglers who are looking for good looking product with maximum comfort.

Where the Sonik SK-TEK excels is in the lumbar support department. The centre section and shoulder area has extra elasticated lumbar support to provide maximum comfort whether you’re a front, back or side sleeper. This can also be tailored to suit your preferred firmness.

Overall a great bedchair that is perfect if you suffer with a bad back.


Solar Tackle High-Spec Bedchair

This great bedchair from Solar Tackle features a true, flat sleeping position with solar's unique ultimate lumber support system to eliminate sagging. The bedchair is made of luxurious, hard-wearing material that is air pocketed for comfort and warmth.

The frame on this  bedchair is made of  high tensile aluminium making it strong yet lightweight.  Finally the bed boasts a twin pivot hinge, making collapsing the bed chair with the sleeping bag simple, effortless and allows the bed chair to fold flat with the sleeping bag in place.  

All of these features together make this bedchair a fantastic choice for an angler that suffers with a bad back.


If you suffer from back problems, fear not. There is a wide range of bedchairs and accessories on the market that can make your fishing sessions more comfortable and pleasurable.

Thank you so much for your time on reading our article, The 5 Best Fishing  Bedchairs For Bad Backs. 

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